Everything you need to know about green hydrogen and our technology

Based on a decade of research and development, we have
achieved a unique, proven, and cost-competitive technology for the production of green hydrogen. 

Affordable green hydrogen
for every scale

Available in standardised, modular configurations for maximum efficiency, versatility and scalability, this next-generation technology makes the A-Series one of the most efficient alkaline electrolysers on the market. The unit is designed from the ground up to accommodate the input fluctuations that come with renewable energy sources. Its versatile design allows for application across many different market segments for green hydrogen production.

he X-series is based on the existing well-proven technology, optimised for use for large-scale ap-plications like industry and heavy-duty transport sectors. Its unique multi-stack concept allows the electrolyser to reach higher voltages of up to 1200 V, crucial to utilise mass-produced, low-cost and high-efficiency power electronics from wind and solar markets operating in the 1000-1500V range. Designed explicitly for large-scale decarbonisation of the industry, mobility and energy sectors.

#6 reasons to choose
our electrolysers


Builds on mature and commercially proven pressurised alkaline technology


Flexible with ability to handle variable loads suitable for renewable energy


Modular and versatile solutions that are suited for scale-up and serial production

Compact design

Small footprint due to compact modular design increasing number of applications


High durability (10+ year stack durability) and system uptime


High efficiency (HHV) and system delivery pressure (bar) 

Our electrolysers in action
selected cases

Siemens site Green Hydrogen Systems Brande
Case story
Installation with Siemens turbine
Bluebird CPH Delivery Web JPG 1500px 80�-4
Case story
Mariestad hydrogen refueling station
Case story
Aalborg hydrogen refueling station

Our technology is required to build an energy supply system solely based on renewable energy – and we are committed to help our customers decarbonize their operations and increase their independence from fossil-fuels through onsite production of green hydrogen

Søren Rydbirk
CCO, Green Hydrogen Systems