The beating heart of your hydrogen refueling station

If you produce or procure hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), you should be talking to us about our standardized, modular and scalable electrolyzers.

Ideal for hydrogen car, bus, truck, seagoing vessel or forklift, our compact, containerized units are ultra-efficient and fully optimized for powering with wind, solar or other renewable energy sources.

Green hydrogen at the lowest levelized cost available

For years, high transportation costs have kept the green hydrogen dream out of reach. At GHS, we’ve eliminated that problem.

The Hyprovide™ A-Series delivers anywhere from about 300 kW to 2 MW of green hydrogen at the lowest levelized cost available, based on Hydrogen Council calculations.

If your facility needs more capacity, no problem. A-Series units can be clustered to deliver over 3330 Nm3/300 kg of hydrogen per hour.

HyProvide A-Series

Meet the Hyprovide A-Series

The HyProvide™ A-Series is a standardized, modular alkaline electrolysis solution that is perfect for producing hydrogen onsite at your HRS facility.

An A-Series unit gives you >99.998% pure and dry hydrogen at 35 bar and comes in upgradable 30, 60 or 90 Nm3/h versions. These units can operate standalone or clustered to meet volumes up to multi-MW scale.

HyProvide™ A-Series

Want to discuss your HRS project with us?

Call or email Jesper Fruergaard Andersen, VP of Sales in charge of automotive and other mobility projects.

Email: / Mobile: +45 3059 7351

Customer case

Electrolysis in action

A HyProvide™ A-Series is currently powering three hydrogen buses in and around the Aalborg, Denmark.

The three buses are expected to drive some 150,000 km per year, carry about a million passengers, and save about 60,000 liters of diesel fuel – 131 tons of CO2 emissions – each year.