Visit from Danish politicians

The interest in green hydrogen technology coming from politicians, investors, and industry players is growing immensely – and so is the interest in our company. In April, we had a pleasure to host various representants of a Danish political sceen.

The first visit was from Morten Løkkegaard and Laura Hay at our headquarter in Kolding. During the visit, we discussed the key role that green hydrogen will play in fulfilling the European Green Deal as well as how the governmental support for hydrogen is vital to accelerate our energy transition.

Another visit was from. Jakob Ellemann-JensenTommy AhlersEva Kjer Hansen and Jørn Pedersen.  The focus of the visit was a bit more local, however equally important. We were discussing fostering innovation and growth conditions for Danish companies and turning Denmark into an entrepreneurial hub for cleantech companies.

We are on a journey which is called energy transition, and we cannot do it alone. Green hydrogen is fundamental in decarbonising hard to electrify sectors like industry, heavy transportation and buildings and reaching net-zero emission society in 2050. However, to fully realise its potential and achieve the necessary scale, we must lower the levelised cost of hydrogen towards cost parity with fossil fuels. To achieve that, we need support from politicians and goverments who can set the right policies in place and help us accelerate the green hydrogen industry. That is why we would like to thank our guests for their time and interest in our company, and we hope they will spread the word about our industry and its importance.