Case with Wenger

Pioneering project with Wenger Engineering. Three GHS HyProvide™ A90 electrolysers to be deployed at an electrolyser test field in Bremerhaven, Germany. 

Three HyProvide™ A90 electrolysers with a combined capacity of ~1,3 MW for the production of green hydrogen from renewable electricity. Powered onsite by wind turbines, the HyProvide™ units will be deployed in a 20, and 40 ft container at an electrolyser test field in Bremerhaven, Germany.

The test fields’ purpose is to systematically compare  effectiveness of Alkaline and PEM technologies. The electrolysers will also be connected to a virtual electricity network to determine what stabilising effects the connection of multiple decentralised generation units has on the grid.

To be installed in 2022

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Key Facts

Product: HyProvide A-Series A90

Production: 580 kg/day

Outlet pressure: 35 bar


More about the
HyProvide A-series

HyProvide A-Series

Available in standardised, modular configurations for maximum efficiency, versatility and scalability, this next-generation technology makes the A-Series one of the most efficient alkaline electrolysers on the market. The unit is designed from the ground up to accommodate the input fluctuations that come with renewable energy sources. Its versatile design allows for application across many different market segments for green hydrogen production.

#9 reasons to choose
our electrolysers

Mature Technology

Our products are built commercially proven pressurised alkaline technology

high Efficiency

One of the most efficient solutions on the market with competitive energy to hydrogen conversion


modular solutions that
are suited for rapid scale-up, clustered solutions and serial production

Dynamic operations

The electrolysers are designed to operate handle variable
loads suitable for renewable energy


High durability (10+ year stack durability) and system uptime

High output pressure

the 35 bar hydrogen output
pressure allows for a small
product footprint and lower
compression costs

Compact Design

Small footprint due to compact modular design increasing number of applications

Sustainable process

Production process indepenent from scarce and price-sensitive materials like iridium and platinum


 Its versatile design allows for application across many different market segments for green hydrogen production.

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Søren Rydbirk
CCO, Green Hydrogen Systems